Sex Crimes

In General

Sex Crimes encompass a range of charges, and can carry various penalties dependent on many factors, including the history of the defendant, the age of the victim, the exact acts alleged, and any other aggravating factors. Virginia Code also has sets out certain rules and procedures specific to sex crimes.

Virginia Sex Crimes

Rape: Va. Code § 18.2-61.

Carnal Knowledge of a Child Between 13 and 15 Years of Age: Va. Code § 18.2-63

Forcible Sodomy: Va. Code § 18.2-67.1

Object Sexual Penetration: Va. Code § 18.2-67.2

Aggravated Sexual Battery: Va. Code § 18.2-67.3

Sexual Battery: Va. Code § 18.2-67.4

Infected Sexual Battery: Va. Code § 18.2-67.4:1

Sexual Abuse of a Child Under 15: Va. Code § 18.2-67.4:2

Attempted Rape, Forcible Sodomy, Object Sexual Penetration, Aggravated Sexual Batter, and Sexual Battery: Va. Code § 18.2-67.5

Procedures, Rules, and Punishments

HIV and Hepatitis B or C Testing: Va. Code § 18.2-62

Depositions of Alleged Victim: Va. Code § 18.2-67

Third Misdemeanor Offense: Va. Code § 18.2-67.5:1

Subsequent Felony Sexual Assault: Va. Code § 18.2-67.5:2

Subsequent Violent Felony Sexual Assault: Va. Code § 18.2-67.5:3

Admission of Evidence (Rape Shield Law): Va. Code § 18.2-67.7

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