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Overview of Our Corporate Practice

Our corporate practice handles corporate matters across Virginia and Washington, DC. Our corporate practice is broken down into the following areas of focus:

Our Corporate Service Approach

Our corporate practice approaches every case with a deep understanding of the broader business implications and the potential paths to success. Whether the solution involves negotiating business deals, structuring entities, or managing regulatory compliance, our team is dedicated to achieving the most advantageous outcome for our clients.

In scenarios where negotiating and drafting agreements is paramount, our attorneys leverage their extensive experience and negotiation skills to secure favorable terms for our clients. This might involve complex business acquisitions, commercial contracts, or entity formation strategies. We focus not only on achieving immediate goals but also on positioning our clients for long-term success, ensuring that the agreements we craft are not only profitable but sustainable and forward-looking.

Understanding that corporate law matters often involve a delicate balance between legal considerations and business strategy, our team works closely with clients to ensure that legal decisions enhance, rather than hinder, their business goals. We take into account all aspects of our clients’ operations, from the competitive landscape to the regulatory environment, to tailor our advice and actions accordingly.

Corporate Resources

There are many business-related practice areas in which we do not specialize–for example, patent law or complex tax planning–but we can still help. As your Virginia and Washington, D.C., business representation attorneys, we will help you identify the relevant legal issues and help you find an attorney outside of our firm who can help you.

Starting a Virginia Business
Securing a Virginia Business
  • Contracts: Draft and use contracts that protect the business.
  • Employee Manual: Provide clear guidance and expectations.
  • IT and Cybersecurity Review and Compliance: Connect with a respected IT and Cybersecurity company to review your practices and protect your IT and Cybersecurity presence.
  • Bookkeeper and Tax Advisor: Between local, state, and federal tax regulations, rely on a trusted advisor to guide your business.
  • Annual Review: Review your business’s financial, physical, and e-security at least once a year.
  • Insurance: Professional insurance, depending on your business, liability insurance, unemployment insurance.
Growing a Virginia Business

As your business representation law firm, we are the first stop for any legal issue that arises. If we do not handle the specific practice area in which you need help, we will seek a competent referral for your business representation need. For more information, see our Comprehensive Guide to Virginia Business Resources.

Schedule a Corporate Consultation

Our team’s goal is to support your business as it grows, by being on-call, professional, and cost-effective. Whether you have a current legal need or you want to develop a working relationship so that you are prepared for future legal needs, contact our office to schedule a consultation with our attorneys.