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As a business owner, it is vital to understand business client and customer disputes. The axiom is that the “customer is always right.” But any business knows that this may be a sound policy to press upon employees, but it simply is not always practically or legally possible. Nor can every Virginia or Washington, D.C, business simply afford to accede to all business client and customer disputes.

Responding to a Client or Customer Complaint

In assessing how to handle a customer complaint–particularly as the complaint moves beyond cold coffee and into the realm of potential litigation–the business must know (1) what are its rights and obligations and (2) what is the practical consequence of the intended response to the customer.

Not every legally permissible option is a good long-term business decision. Growing businesses know all too well the danger of a damaged reputation or negative online customer comments and reviews, regardless of whether a complaint or review is accurate or whether the business has since remedied the issue. Conversely, not every practical option is legally permissible or wise. For example, the rush to address the customer’s concern may implicate other criminal and civil liability concerns down the road.

When deciding how to handle a customer complaint, a vendor dispute, the threat of a lawsuit, or other challenging Virginia or Washington, D.C., business concerns, contact experienced Virginia legal counsel to discuss all of your business’s options before rushing to action. A brief consultation with counsel to discuss an appropriate response and strategy may save countless hours and dollars down the road if the matter is not handled most effectively at the outset.

Business Dispute Considerations

  • Arbitration
  • Civil Complaint
  • Criminal Complaint
  • Consumer Complaint
  • Demand Letter
  • Litigation Hold
  • Mediation
  • Regulatory Complaint
  • Warrant in Debt

Contract Review

During an initial review of a customer dispute with a new business client, our attorneys often identify deficient contracts.  Meaning, our new business client has been using insufficient–and sometimes unenforceable–contracts with clients and vendors.  This can make it difficult to enforce the contract and sometimes it can make it impossible.

The best practice is to consult with our office before a dispute arises.  If it is too late, we will work with your company to work through your current client dispute and then to review and revise your business contracts.  Find out more about the importance of reviewing your business contracts by reviewing our post here or reviewing our contract review page here.

Discuss With a Virginia Business Attorney

To discuss your business’s legal needs with knowledgeable Virginia and Washington, D.C., business counsel, contact our office today.