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Alexandria Virginia Courthouse

The City of Alexandria Virginia Courthouse is located at 520 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia. The Alexandria Courthouse includes the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, General District Court, and Circuit Court. The courthouse hears both criminal and civil cases.

Although most jurisdictions are by county throughout Virginia, Alexandria’s jurisdiction is a “city.” It is equal to counties across Virginia. Another quirk is that there are many “City of Alexandria” postal addresses that are actually in the County of Fairfax. So before filing a civil claim, it is important to double check which jurisdiction the matter is in.

The City of Alexandria Courthouse handles legal cases under the state’s jurisdiction. Make sure to double check whether your matter is in the City of Alexandria or the Alexandria Division of the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, which is the local federal district court.

City of Alexandria General District Court

The Alexandria General District Court has jurisdiction on civil cases up to $25,000.00 in controversy, civil protective orders, and a range of other civil matters. A civil plaintiff will file a warrant in debt, unlawful detainer, or other civil filing in General District Court to initiate the case. This document will include a return date and it will be served on the defendant.

This return date is the date at which the defendant must appear in court and inform the court whether they agree or disagree with the allegations. If the defendant does not show up, then the court may grant default judgment against the judgment. Likewise, if the defendant appears and agrees with the allegation, then the court will grant judgment for the plaintiff.

If the defendant appears at the return date and disagrees with the plaintiff’s allegation, then the court will generally require that each side submit pleadings–a bill of particulars by the plaintiff and answer and defenses by the defendant–by certain dates. Unlike many other jurisdictions, the judge will then usually order an intermediate status date, at which point the parties must appear again to set a trial date.

At the trial date the court will hear testimony, review evidence, and issue a ruling (assuming the defendant appears at the return date and disagrees with the allegations).

Following a trial in General District Court, the losing party has ten days to note an appeal the matter to Circuit Court.

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