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Alexandria Virginia Courthouse

The Alexandria Virginia Courthouse is located at 520 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia. The Alexandria Courthouse includes the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District CourtGeneral District Court, and Circuit Court. The courthouse hears both criminal and civil cases.

Although most jurisdictions are by county throughout Virginia, Alexandria’s jurisdiction is a “city.” It is equal to counties across Virginia. Another quirk is that there are many “City of Alexandria” postal addresses that are actually in the County of Fairfax. So before filing a civil claim, it is important to double check which jurisdiction the matter is in.

The City of Alexandria Courthouse handles legal cases under the state’s jurisdiction. Make sure to double check whether your matter is in the City of Alexandria or the Alexandria Division of the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, which is the local federal district court.

Alexandria City Circuit Court

The Alexandria City Circuit Court has jurisdiction on civil disputes over $25,000.00, appeals from General District Court, and numerous other civil matters. Most circuit court civil cases are initiated through a civil complaint. This complaint is served on the defendant, at which time a defendant generally has 21 days to file a responsive pleading with the court.

The civil process in Circuit Court may involve in-depth discovery, motions, and procedural requirements that are more complex than general district court. Following this process, if the case is no dismissed, then the case will proceed to a judge or jury.

Whether the case is in General District Court or Circuit Court, there are numerous deadlines and important procedural requirements in each case. In addition, the local procedures and rules change frequently, so always consult with an attorney regarding your rights and obligations.

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