What Does the Contract Say?

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by | March 5, 2024

While it seems like a simple question, a contract’s terms are often overlooked until the parties are in the grips of litigation. Everyone has been through the process of initialing and signing a long contract full of boilerplate language that we all assume will never matter. But when a dispute arises, it is this fine-print language that has real-life consequences.

This is particularly true in business dealings; whether setting up a small-business operating agreement or entering into a long-term commercial lease, the language of the agreement and contract truly does matter. A responsible business cannot wait until the business is more established to take care of the details and it cannot simply sign and hope for the best.

Take the time now, before you face a conflict to review the terms of these contracts:

  1. Operating Agreement;
  2. Partnership Agreements;
  3. Employment Contracts;
  4. Commercial Leases;
  5. Insurance Agreements;
  6. Vendor Contracts;
  7. Client Agreements; and
  8. Any other contracts that your business enters into.

If you have any questions about your Virginia business’s or Washington, D.C., business’s contracts, contact the law office today to schedule an appointment.