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by | January 6, 2019

Criminal embezzlement in Virginia is the theft, misuse, or fraudulent use of money or property from an employer, organization, or other entity or individual.  See Virginia Code § 18.2-111:

If any person wrongfully and fraudulently use, dispose of, conceal or embezzle any money, bill, note, check, order, draft, bond, receipt, bill of lading or any other personal property, tangible or intangible, which he shall have received for another or for his employer, principal or bailor, or by virtue of his office, trust, or employment, or which shall have been entrusted or delivered to him by another or by any court, corporation or company, he shall be guilty of embezzlement.

Unlike larceny, which may involve taking money from a stranger, embezzlement involves the use or misuse of money or property that lawfully came into an individual’s possession by virtue of their employment or position.

For example, an employee who lawfully accepts money from clients on behalf of the employer is lawfully in possession of these funds.  Once the employee uses the employer’s funds for an impermissible personal use or otherwise conceals or misuses the employer’s funds, then the employee has committed embezzlement.

Our office handles embezzlement from two distinct client perspectives. First, our Virginia criminal defense practice represents individuals charged with criminal embezzlement as a misdemeanor or felony offense.  We vigorously investigate and fight on behalf of our clients to ensure that their rights are protected.

Second, our Virginia business practice represents businesses that may suspect that an employee, contractor, or other individual is embezzling funds or property from the business.  Representation may involve an internal investigation on behalf of the business or representation through criminal and civil litigation in an effort to recoup lost funds.

Whether you are a criminal defense client or Virginia business in need of a representation regarding embezzlement, contact the office today to schedule a consultation.