Coronavirus and Your Right to a Speedy Trial: UPDATE

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by | April 14, 2020

While institutions continue to adapt and make changes due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, recent court orders have affected how your right to a speedy trial will be impacted.

From Peter Vieth at Virginia Lawyers Weekly, April 13, 2020.

Courts stop speedy trial clocks because of virus:

The federal courts of Virginia and the Fairfax County Circuit Court have published orders making specific findings that delays in criminal proceedings are necessary and the need outweighs the interest in speedy indictments and trials.

The Eastern District of Virginia and Western District of Virginia comprise the totality of Virginia federal trial courts, Fairfax is among Virginia’s largest state jurisdictions and busiest courthouses.

These are consequential courts, and it is likely these orders will influence other jurisdictions throughout Virginia, and we will be seeing similar orders that toll speedy trial deadlines throughout the Commonwealth in the near future.

This is an important issue to be aware of if you are facing criminal prosecution in Virginia.

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