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by | January 18, 2023

Being arrested in Virginia is an immensely stressful experience. There is a lot of uncertainty in the process. All of this is exacerbated when you have been arrested with a security clearance – Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret. Your liberty is on the line. Your reputation is on the line. Your career is on the line.

Security Clearances are common throughout Northern Virginia, whether you are a government employee, or a contractor. If you find yourself arrested with a Security Clearance in Virginia, you are going to have a lot of concerns.

Our Client-Focused Criminal Defense Team is prepared to demystify this process for you as much as possible. We can explain the process for your criminal charge, and will what kind of outcomes we can look for.

One of the most pressing issues that you will want to address after your arrest is your security clearance.

The particulars of any one person’s security clearance situation are complex, and the requirements and expectations upon arrest may vary based on the nature of your employment. No one should ‘dabble’ in representing you regarding this process. That is why we work with lawyers who specialize in Security Clearance issues. This way we can focus on getting the best outcome possible in your criminal case, while an expert focuses on giving you personalized advice to best handle your security clearance and protect your career.

Contact Us today if you have been arrested in Northern Virginia, and have a security clearance. We will listen to you, learn the facts of your case, and make sure we understand your concerns and priorities.