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by | December 15, 2020

The introduction of body cameras in Arlington will have a big effect in how criminal cases are prosecuted.

From ARL Now:

Arlington County police officers will start wearing body cameras on Wednesday, the police department announced today.

“Effective Wednesday, December 16, 2020, Arlington County Police Officers assigned to the Operations Division will begin wearing body worn cameras and recording all dispatched calls for service, enforcement contacts and investigative contacts,” ACPD said today. “The deployment of cameras includes officers assigned to Patrol, Special Operations, Community Outreach, K-9 and the Emergency Response Team (commonly referred to as SWAT).

Body Cameras are an important part of police accountability.

If you are arrested in Arlington County in the future, it is likely there will be body camera footage that can be reviewed in your case. It is important to have an criminal defense attorney who will take the time to fully review this evidence. Body camera evidence will likely see use in case like DUI’s especially, where your demeanor and physical condition will be important. This footage will also allow for a review of your interaction to make sure procedures were followed and your rights were respected.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys, Farheena Siddiqui and Brian Szmak have experiences in criminal cases across Northern Virginia, including Arlington. We are prepared to give your case the attention it deserves, which includes reviewing available body camera evidence for anything that can help your case.

If you are facing criminal charges in Northern Virginia, contact us.

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