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Moore, Christoff & Siddiqui represent clients across Northern Virginia and D.C. in complex civil litigation matters, business representation, family law, and federal and state criminal matters. We are proud to be a full-service firm that allows a client to handle many complex, often overlapping issues at one firm. Our team of attorneys are skilled at providing you with client-centered representation. We are dedicated to providing you with advocacy that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our civil litigation and business representation attorneys focus on contract disputes, business litigation, data protection, and personal injury cases in state and federal courts across Northern Virginia and D.C. Litigation is personal. Whether you are a defendant facing a minor dispute or a civil plaintiff fighting for your company, the outcome of the litigation has the potential to dramatically affect your reputation, your business, and your livelihood. The consequences may be permanent. The complexity of the judicial process may be an additional concern. This is why committed and dedicated advisers are essential; people who understand that your case, whether it appears simple or complex, is of the utmost importance to you. Attorneys are dedicated to representing you through every stage of your business representation. From sole member startups to international corporations, we understand that growing businesses need the job done quickly, competently, and without a cost-prohibitive expense.

We strive to build a relationship with each business as we serve as trusted advisers–from formation through the expected and unexpected legal issues that arise in a business.

Our family law attorneys handle a broad range of family matters including divorce, custody, and protective orders.

Our criminal law attorneys are a team of dedicated advocates who have expertise handling all types of criminal offenses—from reckless driving to murder—and practice throughout Northern Virginia as well as the Federal Courts in Virginia and Washington D.C. Criminal defense is highly specific. From the facts specific to your case to the resulting impact on your life, it is a deeply personal process. We know that while the specific charges and allegations may differ, each criminal defense case is important because it affects a client’s life directly and often permanently. From the loss of civil liberties associated with a felony conviction to the immigration consequences resulting from many misdemeanor convictions, each case deserves individualized attention and consideration.