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by | September 27, 2023

Attorneys at Moore, Christoff & Siddiqui routinely serve as local counsel for matters located in the Eastern District of Virginia, commonly known as the “EDVA” or “Rocket Docket.”  The Rocket Docket is known for being the fastest-paced federal court in the country, and there are a myriad of local rules, customs, and procedures that are unique to this District.  Given the fast timeline that the Court operates under, the Rocket Docket is an ideal forum for businesses and individuals seeking timely and efficient resolution of their commercial disputes.

Case deadlines are strictly enforced and discovery extensions—even those agreed to by all parties—are rarely granted.  There are also local rules that deviate from the default rules in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that can create problems for counsel less experienced with this jurisdiction.  Having local counsel who are well-versed with the Rocket Docket’s local rules and customs is of the utmost importance to any business or individual litigating a case in the EDVA.

The Rocket Docket has four divisions:  (1) Alexandria; (2) Richmond; (3) Newport News; and (4) Norfolk.  Our Office is conveniently located less than a mile and half from the Alexandria division, and we regularly litigate cases as lead counsel in this division.  Although we are located in Alexandria, we service all four of the Rocket Docket divisions.

If you or your company is involved in a lawsuit in the EDVA, call 703-535-7809 or email info@moorechristoff.com for a consultation.